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Although effective treatments do exist for those who have become ill from exposure to lead, simple precautions can prevent Massachusetts lead poisoning. Some simple measures you can take to protect you and your family from Massachusetts lead poisoning include:

  • Washing your hands before you eat. This will decrease the ingestion of dust contaminated with lead due to hand-to-mouth transfer. You should also wash children’s hands after they have been playing in Massachusetts lead-contaminated soil or with Massachusetts lead-containing toys.

  • Monitor your children. Make sure that they are not chewing paint chips or other surfaces with lead paint. Do not allow them to play in bare soil where there may be lead. You may wish to cover soil with grass or mulch to prevent lead exposure.

  • Cleaning dust. Surfaces where lead-contaminated dust is present should be frequently cleaned. Floors should be mopped and furniture and windows wiped down.

  • Use cold tap water. Older Massachusetts plumbing systems may have pipes that contain lead. Cold water from faucets is less likely to contain high levels of lead than water that has been heated in pipes. Baby formula should be prepared with boiled water, rather than hot water from the sink.

  • Take precautions when doing Massachusetts home renovations. You should not sand a painted surface or use an open-flame torch to remove lead-based paint, as this can produce tiny lead particles that may be inhaled. The best option may be to cover the lead-based paint in a new coat of paint, paneling or drywall. After handling or removing lead-based paint, make sure to shower and wash your work clothes separately. Pregnant women and young children should not live in a Massachusetts home with lead-based paint that is undergoing renovations.

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